Embrace the Culture

At the SuperMade, we take inspirations from rappers and street fashion. Our items and collections are cool, carefully-curated, and reasonably-priced for boys and girls. We encourage the community to shop, style, and share with us on social media by tagging @thesupermade on Instagram.

Order Small, Dream Big

We manufacture our products in small quantity, so that we don’t stock up and minimize waste. We definitely refuse to be devil fast fashion who waste water and use unethical labor. Our ultimate vision is to be #1 streetwear fashion brand who takes pride in sustainability.

Wear Who You Are

We believe in the power of self-expression. Gen-Y and Gen-Z express feelings and thoughts differently than previous generations and display them using cultural symbols such as art, music, fashion and style. We hope our shoppers could get what they want and wear who they are.

How We Do It

We sell only online to cut off middleman. Can you imagine your products are fresh off our factories and send directly to you? With a flexible supply chain, we can deliver to any door worldwide.